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Sea Trace Limestone
Student Union Building, Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
Student Union Building, Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

Six feet below grade, at its Lueders quarry near Abilene, Texas Quarries reveals a record of marine life 270 million years old.

Densely formed yet delicately figured, "Sea Trace" limestone bears the trails traced by creatures in prehistoric seas.

Architect Malcolm Holzman, of Holzman Moss Architecture, recently used Sea Trace stone to good effect in the new Student Union Building at Texas Tech University. "In the design process," he said, "I visited the Lueders quarry and discovered a stone that was distinctive because of its irregularities. Its three-dimsensional surface caught my attention.

"We used the pattern of networks of small furrows and large scattered undulations to create accents of shade and shadow in animated wall surfaces."

Lueders Smooth limestone and Acme Brick's "Mission Pink" blend complete the student center's exterior, to give the building a distinctive appearance that is nevertheless in harmony with the university's rich architectural heritage.

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