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Riviera Stone

Nothing distinguishes a home quite like genuine architectural limestone. If you thought that premium limestone was cost-prohibitive for all but the most expensive houses, you're in for a beautiful surprise.

Rivera Stone units are quarried from the same sources as Texas Quarries' dimensional cut stone - including the famous Cordova Shell limestone. Being solid limestone, Riviera Stone units become more beautiful as they age and weather. Yet their in-the-wall cost is surprisingly moderate.

Riviera Stone offers a choice of two thicknesses:

  • Full Thickness units are the depth of brick veneer, 3¼-4 inches through the wall.
  • Thin Stone units are approximately 1¼ inches thick. Their light weight, roughly 15 pounds per square foot, allows them to be laid much like wall tile.

Riviera Stone units are available in a standard split-face finish that combines stately charm and relaxed informality. Units can also be special ordered in sawn or honed finishes as well.

Standard color finishes range from the delicate lightness of Cordova Cream to the deeper, more variegated hues of "weathered" mixes. Pure Cordova Shell is available in Full Thickness as well as Thin Stone.

Also, be sure to ask about Texas Quarries' distinctive rough back finish, which uses the natural edge of the limestone deposit and offers a deeper variety of colors: rich buffs, golds, oranges, and browns.

Riviera Stone puts a beautiful limestone exterior well within reach. For samples, lead-time estimates, architectural specifications, or detailed price quotes, please call your Texas Quarries or Acme representative.

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