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Put your next stone project on the fast track.

Finished Fast Track Stone installation

Original exterior, before installation

During installation

Panels snap securely into place with sturdy aluminum clips

The exciting new Fast Track Stone™ masonry support system, from IBP and Texas Quarries, can transform a basic building into a structure of elegance and warmth, as well as economy. Unlike conventional stone-veneer finishes, Fast Track Stone does not require a concrete footing to support the weight of the masonry. This feature alone can yield considerable savings.

The system weighs as little as 14 pounds per square foot. It is easily designed into new projects using conventional construction techniques or attaches to most structures using existing wall studs. (See guidelines at ibpglassblock.com.)

Green Values

Fast Track Stone can help builders achieve LEED objectives. Aluminum channels and clips have at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and the entire system can be dismantled and re-purposed as the building's uses change over its life cycle.

Texas Quarries limestone panels are available in four standard varieties:

Cordova Cream

Cordova Shell

Lueders Buff

Lueders Gray

Standard nominal sizes for Fast Track Stone panels are 16" x 24" and 8" x 24". Custom sizes may be available by special order. Please ask your local representative for the most up-to-date selection.

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