Texas Quarries Offers Spectacular Sea Trace Limestone

CEDAR PARK and LUEDERS, TEXAS - Texas Quarries, headquartered near Austin, Texas, has been the primary building material for many state and national monuments, famous buildings and prestigious homes. In addition to quarries located northwest of Austin that produce unique Cordova Cream and Cordova Shell limestone, a second quarry located near Abilene, Texas produces limestone that occurs in a buff gray color and carries the trade name Lueders limestone. Today, the Lueders site is producing new Sea Trace limestone.

This totally unique product was created by the trails traced by prehistoric sea creatures some 270 million years ago. This “life story” of ancient marine life is densely formed yet delicately figured. While animated and fragile to the eye, Sea Trace is Texas Quarries’ hardest stone variety. Sea Trace is often paired with smooth Lueders limestone or brick to create dramatically contrasting surfaces.

Long a favorite product for universities, public building and prestigious homes, Texas Quarries limestone has new richness and creative range with the availabiltity of unique Sea Trace limestone.

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