ASTM C568 Specification

Physical Properties of Texas Quarries Limestone

ASTM C-658 Specification Cordova Cream Cordova Shell Lueders
Compressive Strength- C170 2413 PSI
2337 PSI
1672 PSI
1401 PSI
8526 PSI (Perpendicular to Drift)
6463 PSI (Parallel to Drift)
Modulus of Rupture (Dry) C99 706 PSI 635 PSI

1130 PSI

Flexural Strength 587 PSI 638 PSI 1091 PSI
Absorption C97 12.7% 6.1% 5.75%
Density Min, Lb./Cu.Ft 119.8 125.0 143.81
Abrasion Resistance n/a n/a




*The United States based, ASTM system, does not have a standardized procedure for accelerated weathering testing of dimensional stone.*

*Natural limestone is not a manufactured product; therefore we cannot warranty its performance.

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